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04/17/2019 - John Mellencamp is a rebel without a cause but not the spitfire refractory type who raises a painting palette with a clenched fist against the art establishment. He’s not a rebel who proclaims a cerebral doctrine, decrees an oppressive ideology or a proponent of some altisonant theory or authoritarian manifesto.

His rebellion is embodied in the physical phenomena, in the palpable materiality of his art. He does not pay any deferential tribute to any arching esthetic dictamina. He propounds in a serenely quiet and countervailing way that art need not subscribe to any one restrictive philosophy but can embrace expansively myriad paths and approaches to self-discovery and the realization of self-expression. Read David L. Shirey's perception of John Mellencamp after the jump. Read More
04/16/2019 - John Mellencamp is our voice.

He wears coveralls with the sleeves rolled up, showing off his tattoos. Onstage, he chews gum, his hair slicked back. And he talks like us too, his voice with a plain Midwestern accent, a quick joke and the occasional f-bomb.

He looks like, sounds like, seems like 1,000 guys sitting in 1,000 small-town bars.

But unlike most of us regular people, Mellencamp has the uncanny ability to say things in a plainspoken way that expresses and explains our lives in a universal way. Read More
04/14/2019 - The challenge in writing about John Mellencamp is to somehow put into words the work of a master with words.

A songwriter who can take you to the outskirts of town, outside the Tastee Freeze and to 400 empty acres that used to be a farm — without ever leaving your "Small Town."

An artist who can turn a little ditty about Jack and Diane and how “life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone” into the most joyous sing-along chorus you’ve ever heard.

A rocker who, at 67, still comes out swingin’ and grinnin’ at any opportunity to fight authority. Read More

04/12/2019 - Johnny Cash called him one of the best songwriters of all time. Bob Dylan counts his output among the best around. Today’s country stars worship his brand of heartland rock.

John Mellencamp is adored by some of the music industry’s best and by fans who still pay to put “Jack & Diane” on the jukebox or crank up “Play Guitar” whenever it comes on the radio.

Mellencamp, who plays Omaha’s Orpheum Theater on Monday, is the progenitor of Americana rock, distilling folk and rock ’n’ roll and blues and country into something distinctly Midwestern. His 1985 album, “Scarecrow,” not only left us with memorable hits — “Small Town” and “R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.” among them — it also made Mellencamp popular with rock stars and regular Midwesterners alike, cementing him as a once-in-a-generation voice who, in turn, gave voice to us here in the heartland. Read More

04/09/2019 - John Mellencamp is famous for his music: He has recorded 24 albums, including the iconic American Fool, which features “Hurts So Good” and “Jack & Diane.” He is also a respected artist whose paintings and other works have been exhibited across the U.S. And so he established this intimate studio in New York City when he started to date Meg Ryan (the two became engaged in 2018). “To live an artist’s life, you have to create every day,” he says. “When I was there, there was no place for me to paint, no place for me to write, so I bought this little place.” Read this exclusive interview and view photos of the loft taken by William Abranowicz after the jump. Read More
04/01/2019 - Mellencamp came to the stage with “Lawless Times”, a song about the current state of life in the U.S. from streaming music to the Catholic church. John has always been regarded as a musical spokesman for the Midwest, but the reason his music resonates across the nation is that he writes about the human condition in America. Read Vicky Sullivan's Sarasota Post review after the jump. Read More
03/30/2019 - For a few minutes after the house lights went dark Friday night at Ruth Eckerd Hall, some 2,100 fans could’ve been forgiven for wondering: Wait, where is John Mellencamp going?

Before Mellencamp took the stage in Clearwater, he screened a cinematic 24-minute film looking back at his career and philosophy on music, replete with sweeping shots of combines, cornfields and slo-mo brush strokes on canvas – a Koyaanisqatsian tone poem on artistic expression in America. Read the complete Clearwater show review after the jump. Read More
03/25/2019 - It really wasn't supposed to work out this way. John Mellencamp was hoping to become a painter. To help pay for art school he would sing in bands and ultimately he was discovered in the mid-seventies. Soon he would be marketed as a hot commodity leading to eventual rock stardom. That tale was told during a short documentary film shown before John's first of two sold-out concerts at the Ryman Auditorium on March 19, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. Read the complete Ryman Auditorium review after jump. Read More
03/23/2019 - John Mellencamp performed to a sold out audience at Oven Auditorium in Charlotte, NC on Friday, March 22, 2019. Fans of the singer have developed a connection to his lyrics of everyday life, struggle and perseverance.

Read More
03/23/2019 - Read the complete Charlotte Observer review after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "We all knew Mellencamp is a gifted storyteller in song, but his spoken word was just as entertaining. His stories ranged from a funny one about a band mate being arrested for lewd vagrancy to a sweet one about how his grandmother told him “life is short, even in its longest days,” which set up his 2008 ballad “Longest Days...” Read More
03/14/2019 - Not many concerts come with a kind of spoken-word user’s manual, but John Mellencamp’s show Tuesday night at Stifel Theatre did. “Here’s the way this is gonna go down tonight,” he said a few songs into his 100-minute performance. “We’re gonna do some songs you know, some songs you don’t know, some songs you can sing along with and some songs you can dance to.”

He noted there would also be some quieter moments and said, “If you’re one of those (expletives) that need to scream during the quiet section, can you please go out in the hallway and do that?” That’s the kind of announcement nearly every concert could use. Read More
03/11/2019 - WhyHunger — a leader in the movement to end hunger and advance the human right to nutritious food in the U.S. and around the world—will present singer-songwriter John Mellencamp with the ASCAP Harry Chapin Humanitarian Award during the 20th annual WhyHunger Chapin Awards on June 5, 2019 at City Winery in New York. Space is very limited, so purchase your tickets and tables today! Have questions? Contact Read More
02/26/2019 - There was no opening act on this tour, and this marked his second out of three consecutive shows at New York's Beacon Theatre.

The concert began with a video presentation about Mellencamp's journey and how he came from humble beginnings in Indiana. This clip underscored that his motivations derive from his ability to create, whether it is on canvas as a painter, or with his music. Read More
02/26/2019 - During a quiet moment in the middle of his set at the Beacon Theatre on February 25th, John Mellencamp recounted the tale of visiting his grandmother, who was bedridden and nearing the end of her life. After making a “smart-alecky” comment about “more sinning” that he had to do on this earth, the two looked at each other. Mellencamp recalled that her visage suddenly appeared much younger, and she remarked that “life is short, even in its longest days.” Read Glide Magazines complete Beacon Theatre review after the jump. Read More
02/26/2019 - As John Mellencamp’s concert tour continues to roll across the country, the rocker has been making it clear where he stands on “take a knee” protests.

During Monday night’s show, the first of three at New York City’s Beacon Theater, Mellencamp knelt onstage at the completion of his song, “Easy Target,” which offers the singer’s views on society’s treatment of minorities and the poor.

“Well, let the poor be damned, and the easy targets too,” Mellencamp sang. “All are created equal, equally beneath me and you.” Read More
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