Mellencamp Makes New Memories For Ol’ Fans At EKU Center for the Arts

WBONTV By R. David Shew

John Mellencamp came to Richmond Wednesday night and brought an intimate show to the EKU Center for the Arts. Early on, Mellencamp mentioned to the audience “you are going to hear some songs you know and will sing along with and some songs you don’t know.” John was spot on with his message.

He opened the show with an intense “I Ain’t Got No Friends.” Did not know this side of Mellencamp thankfully.  Really enjoyed two other originals “Paper in Fire” and “Small Town.”

“Jackie Brown” and “Check It Out” were next and followed by “The Eyes of Portland” which speaks to the homelessness in America, and a tribute to Joan Anne Woodward “The Real Life” was much appreciated.

This long-time fan wanted to get up and dance to “Scarecrow” and the lyrics “Rain on the scarecrow and blood on the fire.” Then “Lonely Ol’ Night” brought back so many memories. Gotta love the lines “She calls me baby. She calls everybody baby.” Then, right into “Crumblin’ Down” and my all-time favorite “Pink Houses.”

Mellencamp and his six-member band finished the amazing night of his Live in Person 2024 Tour with “Chasing Rainbows,” “Cherry Bomb,” and “Hurt So Good.”

Oh yeah, if you were there for the opening act, you got to see some clips of old movie classics like Hud featuring Paul Newman, James Taylor fixing tea for Elizabeth Taylor in Giant, and A Streetcar Named Desire which was the backdrop for the band.

Finally, many thanks to John Mellencamp for the evening and more thanks to the EKU Center for the Arts for the evening of entertainment and memories!