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05/02/2012 - Fearnet.com blogger Bev Vincent recently attending a performance of the Ghost Brothers of Darkland County. Bev, a Stephen King expert, has written a lengthy piece about the project and the many unique characteristics it has. Read the full story after the jump. Read More
04/16/2012 - Read Dr. Wilson Trivino's full review after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "Mellencampís sounds serve as homage to the rockabilly Johnny Cash with a spin of good rock and roll flair..." We also have a video posted on the blog with brief interviews with John and Stephen along with a few seconds of the closing bows onstage where John came out. Read More
04/16/2012 - Read Kenny Norton's complete fan review after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "Slickly polished, Ghost Brothers of Darkland County feels ready for Broadway. Whether or not that is its next stop is unknown, but where ever it goes, it is sure to build on the success it will see in Atlanta..." Read More
04/14/2012 - Read Curt Holman's complete review after the jump. Here is an excerpt: "Above all else, Ghost Brothers sounds like a dream ó and occasionally a nightmare. Mellencamp's driving beats and catchy melodies, largely influenced by country, rock, and blues, have an instrumental richness and auditory clarity like I've never heard in a stage musical..." Read More
04/02/2012 - Congratulations to the winners of the Ghost Brothers of Darkland County VIP Ticket Contest: Mr. & Mrs. Hoyt M. (the Mellencamp.com winner) from Atlanta, Georgia and Mary V of Cleveland, OH (the StephenKing.com winner). The winners receive two opening night center orchestra tickets and two tickets to the VIP opening night party at the Four Seasons in Atlanta! Read More




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