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The Music Box: Year In Review - #2 No Better Than This Top 10 Studio Albums of 2010
12.16.2010 - The Music Box By John Metzger.

2) John Mellencamp - No Better than This

It might seem improbable because it flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Nevertheless, John Mellencamp is actually getting better with age. He has always had a keen ear for melody. Likewise, his 37-track retrospective Words & Music: John Mellencampís Greatest Hits demonstrated his knack for penning songs that fit the once-cherished industry staple: the 45 r.p.m. single. For a long time, though, his popularity seemed to curb his ambitions. With the music business in disarray, older acts are finding it difficult to gain attention. This, in turn, freed Mellencamp from the constraints he frequently has placed upon himself. With this in mind, his 2008 endeavor Life, Death, Love and Freedom offered a promising new beginning to his journey. His latest set No Better than This is even more remarkable. Following themes similar to its predecessor, the collection contains 13 songs, all of which rank among Mellencampís best compositions.


No Better than This? An Apt Title

I've always liked John's work through the years, but never bought any albums or really listened beyond the current single release. But when I saw John on the Letterman show on 12/6, I was completely knocked over! A powerful song, and an incredible performance. I was on Amazon ordering a copy within minutes. And I have to congratulate Rounder for running with the mono recording and vintage equipment! I buy 95% '50s-'60s bop and post-bop jazz, but this is still one of the best albums I've bought this year!

Posted by RonH 2010-12-22 18:48:14.





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