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For my entire life I have seen the mistreatment of minorities in our country. We have gone too far with the shameful killing and genocide... from the Native Americans to where we find ourselves today. In my own way I have tried to address these issues in song. Here are a few...

One More Vote (2020)
John Mellencamp Easy Target (2017)
Jim Crow (2007)
Walk Tall (2004)
Cuttin Heads (2001)
Jackie Brown (1989)
Jena (2008)
Peaceful World (2001)
It All Comes True (1998)

John played this song because he thought it was fitting for the times.

Struggleville (2020)

Virtual work is still being done on the Jack and Diane Musical.

A record and documentary about the Good Samaritan Tour experience is being worked on.

"If You Believe" - Now More Than Ever Video

06.18.2020 - John wrote this song 30 years ago and its message still rings true today as the lyrics are more powerful than ever. Sony/ATV Music Artist Topher Mohr made it his own, by taking a more melodic approach by breaking it down to its organic elements with a mix that heavily favors the vocals.

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