WTHR 13 Indianapolis Mellencamp Behind The Scenes Interview

WTHR Channel 13

Bloomington - John Mellencamp kicks off his new concert tour Saturday night in Bloomington.

WTHR Channel 13 takes you behind the scenes for his final rehearsal.

Mellencamp allowed Channel 13 cameras into the IU auditorium while his band warmed up for Saturday night's concert.

The 59-year-old Mellencamp is launching his "No Better Than This" tour in his home state.

Eyewitness News asked Mellencamp how he felt about playing in Indiana.

"It's kind of more embarrassing because I'm always able to look out in the audience and see people I know. Hey, how are you doing?" he laughed. "I saw you yesterday; you were over at my house last week. It's kind of embarrassing because people know me one way. But when you walk on stage, it's our responsibility to create magic. So, you have to create that magic," he said.

John also talked candidly in a wide-ranging 30-minute interview about his career and his tour.

"I've played the hits to death. The reason we're playing these types of venues is because I want to be able to walk out with an acoustic guitar and I want to be able to play songs. I want to be able to play music. I don't want to be a monkey on a string playing hit records that I had 20 years ago," he said.

We also asked what it's like performing in front of thousands of people.

"When I'm up on stage, I'm performing a song that I had written to my best ability. That's my focus. To be able to deliver a song in a fashion that the song deserves to be written in and delivered in. And hopefully the audience is coming to the song."

Mellencamp plays two shows at the IU campus before moving to Butler University for two more. He'll be at Clowes Hall on November 8th and Hinkle Fieldhouse on November 11th.