Vh1 Classic Rock Nights: Mike Wanchic Interview Excerpt

Vh1 Classic Rock Nights with Eddie Webb.

The fall leg of John Mellencamp’s No Better Than This Tour kicked off last night (10/25) in Boston.  Like any good group, John and his bandmates rehearsed before hitting the road, and surprisingly, like many younger bands, they did it in a garage.  Mellencamp’s guitarist, Mike Wanchic, explained it to us. 

“We have a recording studio in a little town called Nashville, Indiana, which is right outside Wilmington, had it since ’76.  It was a converted house.  It had a garage built into a hill out of blocks.  That is our rehearsal space.  We actually rehearse in a garage, just like I did in the eighth grade.  It’s a nicer garage, but it’s a garage.”
Mike and the rest of the band will be crossing the Eastern, Southern and Midwestern regions of the country with John, playing shows through November.