The Raleigh Telegram: John Mellencamp Spins His Magic At Durham’s DPAC

The Raleigh Telegraml By Sarah Houser

Few performers can maintain the following and success of John Mellencamp. Fans came out Tuesday night, March 1st, to experience the legacy of a truly remarkable artist whose work has spanned decades.

Though the Durham Performing Arts Center was packed, audience members still felt the warmth and coziness of being among fellow fans, amidst the intimate setting of the DPAC.

Mellencamp has a way of making every person feel as if they are at a private concert, telling little stories of his past between songs and opening them up to reality of his life.

Having opened with documentary about his voyage through fame, fans became friends as they got a little taste of the wonders and ups and downs of stardom.

Age has worn on his voice, but it has also added strength, providing a new sound to his well-known classics.

Unlike some megabands who feature fireworks on stage, there were no ostentatious displays of fame here. Mellencamp’s stage setup seem to harken back to a simpler time, with what looked like a statue of the Virgin Mary sitting on an amplifier and with the words John Mellencamp and his hometown of Bloomington, Indiana simply written on the drum set.

During his entertaining show, the audience of devoted fans swayed to the folksy blues reverberating in the auditorium.

At the end of the show, rumors spread that Meg Ryan was spotted backstage supporting her new beau, adding to the excitement.

Fans left with smiles of pure joy on their faces after the memorable experience of a John Mellencamp concert and his classics about America, life, and the working man continue to draw new fans in each new generation.