The "Little Pink House" That Wasn't Pink

John's "Pink Houses" has inspired an act of kindness by a group of Winnipeg high school students.

According to the United Way of Winnipeg's report of funded projects for its "Youth Connections" programs from 2007 to 2008, a $322 grant was given to Kelvin High School student volunteers who painted a house in the Point Douglas area.

The project, which took four days to paint a one and a-half story house "despite the risk of rain showers," was completed last May. It was named "Little Pink Houses" after the song, although the house itself was not painted pink.

"The students volunteered their time and energy to reach a united goal and demonstrated a significant act of kindness to a local homeowner," stated the report.

"Youth Connections," incidentally, applies to "young people 16-24 who want to make a difference in Wpg." Other funded projects acknowledged include a youth soccer tournament for African youth in Winnipeg, a homework mentor program, a multicultural festival and an Aboriginal Youth and Sport Recreation Program.