Syracuse Post Standard: Alliance Bank Stadium The Bob Dylan Show Review

Posted by Mark Bialczak/The Post-Standard

John Mellencamp wanted to know what time period the crowd wanted him to mine.

"Do you want an old song or a new song?" the roots rocker asked.

"Old" boomed back from the crowd.

Mellencamp bartered.

"How about I play part of an old song, then a new song, then an entire old song?" he wondered.

His show. The fans dug the partial old song, a solo version of "I Need a Lover" that showcased Mellencamp's sturdy rock voice and acoustic guitar, just as surely as they ate up the tight, electric band versions "Pink Houses" and "Paper in Fire" before it and "Rain on the Scarecrow," "Crumblin' Down" and "Jack 'N Diane" after it.

They loved turning their clocks back, back, back to those bygone, heard-it-on-the-radio days.

As it turned out, Mellencamp's still got something to say.

That new song sandwiched between, "Save Some Time to Dream," was quite pretty and plenty relevant. Mellencamp wrote it six months ago, then recorded it in a Savanah, Ga., church. It's a poignant blueprint on what a young person might want to prioritize in life, with Mellencamp singing, "save some time to dream, it might just save us all."


John Mellencamp Performs at Alliance Bank Stadium

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