Rolling Stone: The Playlist - John Mellencamp Expert Opinion

In the new issue of Rolling Stone Magazine with Willie Nelson on the cover, hitting shelves now,  "The Playlist" played five songs new and old for the heartland rocker, - whose Plain Spoken LP is due in September, and asked for his take on each one.

Roy Orbison "Crying"
His voice is a musical instrument. To sing like that, you have to have lived a certain way. A kid couldn't sing like that.

Black Flag "TV Party"
This song is all raw power. I admire that. What the fuck's his name, Henry Rollins? Very powerful. Very passionate. I admire him.

Pearl Jam "Lukin"
I think Eddie Vedder is a wonderful songwriter, but I'm not sure I'm really getting what he's trying to say on this one. But I do know he's capable of saying things I can't.

Darius Rucker "Wagon Wheel"
You know, I had the curse and the blessing of being a pop star once. For this guy to recover from that and go on to a new genre is very admirable.

Kanye West "I Am A God"
Look, I'm not going to say I understand this song - but I understand why people like it. That's all I got for this one.