Press-Enterprise Blog Show Review: John Mellencamp Rocks The Diamond

By Vanessa Franko

John Mellencamp was FANTASTIC!

I had a blast. I loved Willie, I loved Mellencamp, Dylan will have to bring it.

The arrangesments were really good. They were different, too. Mellencamp opened with "Pink Houses," which I think captured this entire evening. "Ain't that America?" Yes it is.

T-Bone Burnett came out and did a song with them, which was awesome.

Mellencamp even asked the crowd what they wanted to hear at one point--an old song or a new song. When the overwhelming response was for the former, he said, "I guess we're in a nostalgic mood this evening. I'm trying to think of one that would be right for the moment."

Then he did "Cherry Bomb" a cappella. It was just sublime.

He also did "Paper In Fire," "Crumblin' Down," "Check It Out" and "Small Town" mixed in with some new stuff. "Scarecrow" was extremely powerful."

The only bummer was that he didn't play some of his biggest hits. I wanted more. I wanted "Hurts So Good." I wanted "Jack and Diane." I wanted "R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A." I wanted "I Need a Lover That Won't Drive Me Crazy." I wanted "Lonely Ol' Night."

It's OK, though, he ended with "Authority Song," my all-time favorite and he said even though he was 23 when he wrote it, he still feels the same way.

Yes, John Mellencamp, I too fight authority and authority always wins.

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