New York's Daily News: Mellencamp's No Cougar

John Mellencamp is with the over-40 ladies on this one: Nobody likes getting called a cougar. In a Q&A Monday night at 92nd Street Y, Rolling Stone's David Fricke asked the "Hurts So Good" rocker the worst thing a record company ever asked him to do. "Making me change my name to Johnny Cougar," he replied. Mellencamp also relates to the angst of aging. Admitting that he was once considered rather handsome, he said that he now felt like a "stack of sh—." Ah, vanity! Perhaps he should look into those new man-Spanx?
The chat wasn't limited to gripes. Mellencamp revealed he'll have a one-man show of his paintings at the Tennessee State Museum — and did a spot-on impression of Miles Davis while discussing their two-man show years ago. Gal pal Meg Ryan came along for the evening, but after briefly hanging out backstage, she sat in the audience like an ordinary fan.

--S Carone