New “Troubled Land” Video Given HuffPost Exclusive

John Mellencamp’s newly produced video for his “Life Death Love And Freedom” single “Troubled Land” has just gone up on The Huffington Post. The heavily trafficked political blog site will show it exclusively for the next 24 hours—reportedly the first time it has ever premiered a music video.

The black-and-white clip, which was directed by Martyn Atkins and shot on location in Savannah, Georgia, can be found in the site’s entertainment section, via a post by blogger Mike Ragogna. As Ragogna notes, the subject matter goes beyond “the implied anti-war message” of the song’s “bring peace to this troubled land” tag line.

Juxtaposed with scenes of Mellencamp singing the song self-accompanied with acoustic guitar are stark shots of a tattered American flag, military graveyard, burning paper money, a gas pump with swiftly increasing gallon pricing, a man twirling a foreclosure sign, an anti-war demonstration, and finally, a naked baby crawling across Old Glory “suggesting rebirth and renewed idealism,” says Ragogna, himself a singer-songwriter and music business veteran.

“I put out a song about the way things are called ‘Troubled Land’ to give folks the news like Woody Guthrie used to do with his music,” Mellencamp said in a statement accompanying Huffington Post’s premiere of the clip.

Click HERE to watch the "Troubled Land" video.