Mellencamp Cuts Radio Spot for Obama

John Mellencamp, who performed at primary campaign rallies in Indiana for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, plays off “ Small Town ” in a new radio commercial cut in support of Obama for use in his home state (click HERE to listen).

“I’ve seen a lot of small towns, and now I’m seeing small towns across America dying,” a soft-spoken Mellencamp says in the spot, which went out yesterday. “Folks losing their jobs and their homes. Eight years of George Bush has really hurt. And John McCain is just more of the same.”

Over the last eight years “Thousands of Hoosiers have seen their jobs sent out of this country,” Mellencamp adds. “But Obama gets it, and sees the value of American-made products and a strong American labor force.”

As the solo acoustic soundtrack of the Web exclusive video for “ Troubled Land ” plays underneath, he concludes: “Whether you live in a small town or a big city, it’s time for a change.”

In noting the ad this morning on CNN, a reporter joked that it pits “Jack and Diane” against McCain-Palin campaign mascot “Joe the Plumber.”

Meanwhile, Jon Stewart sang a few “Small Town” lines on “The Daily Show” last night in lampooning Sarah Palin’s controversial $150,000 wardrobe shopping spree (“She was born in a small town/Doesn’t shop in a small town”), an ironic touch in pointing out the discrepancy between her clothing budget and her “vote for us, we’re just like you” campaign thrust.