Mellencamp: Give Willie Nelson a Nobel Peace Prize Story by Phil Gallo

Nelson and Mellencamp appeared on technically shaky webcast Monday (8/2) to announce the 25th edition of Farm Aid, which that will take place Oct. 2 at Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI. It is the first time the fund-raiser for family farmers will be held in a Major League Baseball stadium.

"Whoever does this Nobel Peace Prize business should look at Willie Nelson," Mellencamp said from his home in Bloomington, IN. "He has helped millions and millions of people and entertained millions and millions of people. It's 25 years of commitment. Myself and Neil [Young] work from the neck down. Willie is the brains."

"At one time we were trying to save the family farmer and now we need the family farm to save us," Nelson said from Virginia on a day off from his current tour. Noting that keeping family farms operating means a reduction in importing food from around the world, Nelson said family farms "keep money in this country and it keeps money in [farm] communities."