Louisville Courier Journal: John Mellencamp, 'Life, Death, LIVE and Freedom' Review

By Jeffrey Lee Puckett

John Mellencamp is getting the third-wheel treatment on this summer tour with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson. But when the infield dust settles Wednesday at Louisville Slugger Field, Mellencamp will be the last man standing.

He's a compelling performer and total pro who paces his show like a perfect mix tape, and even the most hard-core Dylan fan won't resist "Jack & Diane." Mellencamp has always thrived on stage, but this is his first live album, and since it repeats the same eight songs on last year's acoustic "Life, Death, Love and Freedom," it's only $8.

Mellencamp recasts half of that album as rock 'n' roll and keeps the other half acoustic. The ruminations on growing old and living in a struggling America turn urgent and more immediate with a band. "My Sweet Love" is more fun, "If I Die Sudden" more scary, and all of it's more vibrant.

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