Life, Death, Love and Freedom a Groundbreaking Audio Release

Not only is John's new album notable and groundbreaking for the songwriting and musical content, it is equally acclaimed for being groundbreaking in terms of the music technology utilized. The release marks a high point for the music industry in the amount of options an artist provides to their fans to listen to their album for the standard price of a single CD.

The album is the very FIRST EVER release employing the ΧΟΔΕ (CODE) format, developed by LDL&F producer T Bone Burnett and his team, offering high resolution audio playable through any DVD player. All copies of the album are packaged with a standard CD at no additional charge. Album buyers will find both a CD and DVD inside the package. The DVD plays in standard DVD players with a simple video menu allowing you to choose the song you want to listen to. The audio included on the DVD is of extremely high quality, featuring stereo 24 bit/96 kHz uncompressed (Linear PCM) audio tracks. This level of quality ensures the audio on the DVD is virtually indistinguishable from the original master tapes, and is significantly improved from a traditional CD.

Additionally, when placed into a computer, there is a data directory on the DVD with AAC (iPod), MP3 and WAV audio files created from the master tapes for use on MP3 players and computers. These files are much more a reflection of the master recording than ripping files off of a purchased CD. John's release makes him the very first artist to use this new groundbreaking format. John's choice to use this format represents a tremendous gain in value for the buyer, and provides audiophiles with a highly-compatible CD, extremely high-quality audio from the DVD and the ultimate convenience of portable music files with the best audio quality available to date.

Of the five versions of the album included in the package, T Bone Burnett recently commented: "All copies are made at the highest quality and to the highest HD / HiFi standards." "Listeners will not have to rip bad copies of bad copies. At the moment, people are listening to a Zerox of a Polaroid of a photograph of a painting. Our aim is to democratize High Fidelity." Click HERE to listen to an interview where T Bone speaks about the fascinating technology of CODE.