LDL&F at #1 on Blogcritics Writer Top Albums of 2008

Writer Brandon Daviet (who also writes for Colorado’s The Marquee entertainment magazine) placed LDL&F as his top album of 2008.

Number One: John Mellencamp / Life, Death, Love and Freedom - John Mellencamp promised and delivered with what might not be the year’s most danceable record but is certainly its most important. With a country in financial turmoil tracks like “Troubled Land” and “Longest Days” accurately reflect the emotions of many Americans. Other songs like “If I Die Sudden” tackle the loss of faith, while the politically charged “Jenna” is an open letter against racism. In a year when little Katy Perry has swept the charts with her pseudo-lesbian fantasies, Mellencamp manages to remind us that not everybody in America is incapacitated by simple pop ditties, shiny I-phones, and American Idol. Click HERE for his full list.