John Played Up Big in Clearwater Concert Coverage

Sunday's star-studded "The Clearwater Concert: Creating the Next Generation of Environmental Leaders" show at Madison Square Garden, which celebrated Pete Seeger's 90th birthday, has rightly received tremendous press coverage.

John was prominently featured in many of the print articles and web postings, with the Los Angeles Times quoting his remarks leading into his acoustic version of Seeger's "If I Had a Hammer" and the Chicago Tribune's site illustrating it's Associated Press coverage of the even with a big picture of John and Pete from the press room.

Click the following links (which open in a new window) to read the full stories:

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Los Angeles Times - “Can you imagine life at 90 years and still going strong?" said Mellencamp, who helped kick off the concert, a fundraiser for Hudson River Sloop Clearwater Inc., the environmental group that Seeger launched to help clean up the river. “Think about all he's accomplished. He wrote that song ["If I Had a Hammer"] back in 1949, when we were all afraid of the Reds."

Chicago Tribune / Associated Press


American Songwriter - Includes show footage - "When I was nine years old, my brother had guitar sitting around," said musician John Mellencamp. "Pete's song was the first song I learned how to play."

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