John Gives Texas Fan Thrill of a Lifetime

It’s nothing new for John to give fans up front a shot at singing a verse of “Hurts So Good,” but at his stop at Corpus Christi’s Whataburger Field on Wednesday with The Bob Dylan Show, he gave one Texan fan the whole song.

He had revealed after the first few songs that he was “sick as a MF-er,” and while he and the band sounded as good as ever, one reporter observed that he did seem “a little more gruff than usual.” But he refused to cancel his part of the show, and after he told everyone that he had determined “I can’t do that to those people,” they were solidly behind him the rest of the way.

When it came time for the closer, he relied on Michael Carranco, a 37-year-old custodian, who was right at the front of the stage in a vintage Mellencamp “American Poet” t-shirt, who was noticeably singing along with every song. He picked the anxious fan after declaring that he needed some help from the crowd, and then sang backup for him for the song.

Interviewed later by Scott Phillips of lubbockonline, Carranco called the moment a dream come true.

“I’ve sang that song over and over hundreds of times in my room,” he said. “If this is my 15 minutes of fame, it’s something I’m going to be talking about for a long time. It was just awesome.”

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