John Debuts New Album on Tavis Smiley During Week of Exclusive Performances Aug. 16-20

Beginning Monday, August 16th, John Mellencamp will perform each night for a week on PBS’ “Tavis Smiley,” sharing an exclusive preview of his new album No Better Than This with “Smiley” viewers. Mellencamp will also sit down with fellow Hoosier Tavis to explain his musical journey and why he decided to emphasize traditional American folk, country and blues on the album.

In a Tavis Smiley “first” from Aug 16th-20th, Mellencamp will close each show with a new song. Viewers will have a rare opportunity to witness live performances of tracks from the album. The official first leg of the “No Better Than This” tour will kick off at Indiana University, Smiley’s alma mater, October 29th.

The week of appearances is not the first time John and Tavis have crossed paths. Previously John was a guest on Tavis Smiley's nightly PBS talk show in 2005 and last year, Smiley along with scholar Dr. Cornel West (a regular on Smiley's public radio show) came to Washington, Pennsylvania to catch John's set as part of the Dylan-Mellencamp-Willie Nelson tour.  Smiley's attendance at Indiana University as an undergraduate gave him proximity to John that formed a lasting impression.

Watch "Tavis Smiley" on your local PBS affiliate every day this coming week and treat yourself to intelligent conversation and great music. Check your local listings for air times.