John Again Urges All to Support their Local Shelter on World Homeless Day

John is again part of promoting World Homeless Day taking place this Monday, 10/10. This year’s public service announcement, featuring Crystal Bowersox, American Idol finalist and advocate for the homeless, contains video of John's 2010 visit to a homeless shelter in Detroit with 1Matters.

John has developed an extensive history with 1Matters beginning with his 2007 visit a tent city in Toledo, OH which raised awareness of the homeless which sparked the founding of At his 2010 tour stop in Windsor, ON, John Mellencamp filmed a public service announcement for World Homeless Day along with a longer interview with street newspapers. John has continued his support not only for 1Matters, but all of those who have lost domestic autonomy in our nation.

1Matters has two other current connections with Mellencamp. Bob Merlis, John’s publicist, and Harry Sandler, John’s long time tour manager, have both joined the 1Matters Board of Directors. 1Matters is also benefiting from a photo exhibition by Harry entitled "Harry Sandler: Music, iPhone & Other Neighborhoods," which can be found at 20 North Gallery, 18 N. St. Clair St. Toledo, OH, from October 7th until October 30th.

Sandler, who was also tour manager for musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Nicks, Van Halen, the Eagles, and others, took numerous photographs of the artists, including John, over the years. He's also a pioneer in what is called the iPhoneography movement, which harnesses emerging technology in processing his photos.

He will conduct a silent auction of some of his photographs signed by the artists with whom he's worked, including two signed by John. Sandler and 20 North gallery are donating all proceeds to benefit 1Matters, an organization committed to "moving families with children and individuals into domestic autonomy and providing services at the annual Tent City." For more information visit or email [email protected].