Indianapolis WTHR Channel 13: Mellencamp Facebook Campaign Gains Traction

Bloomington - You can help John Mellencamp stop smoking.

His teenage son made a bet on Facebook to help him kick the habit.

John Mellencamp has thrilled concert crowds and made it to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but there's one goal the Hoosier hasn't been able to accomplish.

For decades, he's struggled to stop smoking.

"I think that he sees it as a challenge he really needs to meet," said his wife, Elaine-Irwin Mellencamp.

Now that personal challenge is the focus of a public plea from his 14-year-old son, Speck.

The youngest Mellencamp's mission started as a side bet at home.

"He said, 'Now Dad, so if I made a Facebook group and I got 100,000 people to join it, would you quit smoking?' And I think John just kind of flippantly, 'Oh blah blah blah', wasn't even paying attention to it, and apparently I guess he didn't agree to the 100,000, so there was no negotiation. It went from 100,000 to a million," Irwin-Mellencamp said.

Her husband took the deal: one million people join, and the rocker will kick the habit.

It's taken off after just over a week, with nearly 200,000 members as of Wednesday night.

"It was nice to see because it was like 300 people, then it was 900 people and so it was really a big deal when it got to be more. And I said, 'John, he's got 3,000 people!' And now he's over 100,000," Irwin-Mellencamp said. "I joined!"

Elaine Mellencamp says her husband's promise won't be easy should the site hit a million, but says he is already cutting back as the numbers continue to grow.

"I think he thought that it was such an impossible task that he didn't put a lot of thought into it, so I guess you need to be careful what kind of bets you make with your kids. And we'll make sure he honors it too," she said.

Irwin-Mellencamp says her son's Facebook page has become bigger than its original intention. It's now inspired others to stop smoking too.

But that public forum still carries a very personal message from son to father: if one million people can't convince him to quit, maybe one person can.

"I think he really understands what it means to his son."
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