Evansville, IN WFIE Channel 14 News: Mellencamp Makes Latest Music Video In Bloomington

Posted by Sarah Harlan

BLOOMINGTON, IN (NBC) - Singer John Mellencamp was at Indiana University Monday, making a music video.

Not much had to be closed down: no roads, no classrooms, just a tiny chapel next to the student union.

This was about as low-key as a production can get.

Many students at Indiana University were oblivious to the rock legend standing just feet away from them in the heart of the Bloomington campus.

Inside the tiny Beck Chapel, John Mellencamp and country singer Karen Fairchild lip-synched the words to "A Ride Back Home", from Mellencamp's new album "Life, Death, Love and Freedom".

"It's always an honor to be asked to be part of this album, so to be a part of the video is even a better deal," Fairchild said.

"She sang on like half the album with me in this fashion, so it just made perfect sense," Mellencamp said.

During concerts, Mellencamp has stopped his song, and asked the audience about deals they make with God.

"People are killing each other, banks are robbing normal civilians, and if you're a little too drunk, I don't think he's got time for that, he's got bigger fish to fry," Mellencamp said.

The music video, shot on film, featured the two singers and a band.

Away from the production, Mellencamp was less poetic, more political, hoping his music will send a message.

"I think the rich people have had it too good too long and it's time for the normal common man to go out and go to work and make money and let him have the opportunity to live the American dream," Mellencamp said.

Although it's his 49th music video, it's the first ever shot at Beck Chapel, a place usually used for weddings.

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