Digital Journal: John Mellencamp Releases Compelling Other People's Stuff

Digital Journal - By Markos Papadatos This marks his 24th career musical effort. It opens with the mid-tempo "To the River," which features soaring harmony vocals, and it is followed by the bluesy "Gambling Bar Room Blues." He picks up the pace with the infectious "Teardrops Will Fall," which has a retro '80s Mellencamp vibe to it.

One of the highlight songs on this CD is "Eyes On The Prize," which is raw and filled with political overtones. It was released on this year's Election Day. Equally noteworthy cuts are "Mobile Blue" and "Dark as a Dungeon."

After the raspy "Stones in My Passway," it closes with the haunting, acoustic ballad "Wreck of the Old 97" and with the sultry "I Don't Know Why I Love You."

Other People's Stuff is available on iTunes and on Spotify.

The Verdict
Overall, John Mellencamp delivers on his new album, Other People's Stuff. He is able to breathe fresh life into these recordings, as he dusts them off and gives them his a distinct musical makeover. Mellencamp sustains the listener's attention for the entire duration of the project. Grab a bottle of wine, and let Mellencamp lure you in. Other People's Stuff garners an A rating.