CMT Blog - John Mellencamp's "My Sweet Love" Is Sweet

Remember how it feels during the first few days that you realize you’re falling in love? A song plays in your head, your feet feel lighter, you stroll casually through the world as it flies by. I tend to forget, but watching John Mellencamp’s new video “My Sweet Love” featuring Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild brings it flooding back. I’ve never heard the song before this week, but since it reminds me of that specific moment, it feels familiar. It’s one of the most refreshing videos I have seen in a while.

There’s a lot to like. It feels understated, not at all over the top, but it’s still fun and draws me right in. The grainy, old film look and the sing-along style subtitles are modern but classic at the same time. That’s probably also a good description of John right now, and it fits perfectly with the song which is simple, but deeply textured. As I try to listen and type, I find myself staring at my keyboard, transfixed by the music. I love it when that happens, although it’s not so good for getting work done.

But my favorite thing about the video has to be that it feels real — the chemistry of John and Karen, the way the camera moves, everything. And now I remember feeling like that, with a song stuck in my head and a sense that I was in the place I needed to be. Walking around aimlessly with someone special, dodging bicyclists and wanting to jump on a motorcycle and just ride away…
Click HERE to watch the My Sweet Love video online.