Brit Mags Profile Mellencamp

Two of England’s top magazines have in-depth interviews of John Mellencamp in their current issues.

Classic Rock caught Mellencamp in England on his birthday “looking good,” according to writer Max Bell, who described him thusly: “Big, dark quaff, leather jerkin, white tee, blue jeans and work boots; he’s a man of the people crossed with Martin Sheen in ‘Badlands’ going a James Dean impersonation.” There’s also a great bit regarding Mellencamp’s continued ambivalence toward the country on account of his lingering disdain for the way his first two managers—both Brits—handled his career roll-out.

Mojo’s Phil Sutcliffe caught him at the time of the Elvis Costello’s forthcoming show’s taping in New York—and covered similar ground. His piece leads: “The restless voice of ornery America, John Mellencamp has spent three decades railing against injustice and conservatism. Now, on the eve of the US election, Mojo finds him contemplating his own mortality on the set of Elvis Costello’s new TV show….”

Both publications should be available at newsstands where import magazines are sold.