Billboard Magazine: Troubled Land Single Review

Radio Format: Triple A
John Mellencamp - Troubled Land (3:23)
Producer: T Bone Burnett
Writer: J. Mellencamp
Publisher: not listed
Hear Music

At this point, John Mellencamp has nothin’ to prove. With his induction in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year alongside a Grammy Award and 12 other nods, counting hits is beside the point. Previous single “My Sweet Love,” featuring Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town, from current folk rock album “Life, Death, Love and Freedom,” was a triumph at triple A. Follow-up “Troubled Land” is signature Mellencamp fare-that means a laid-back vocal and smart lyrics: “Stand up and holler, lay down and die/We can turn up our collars and never try/Just know the truth is coming, to bring peace to this troubled land.” Producer T Bone Burnett conjures an organic landscape, fostering ideal fare for all who connect with music beyond the surface. Mellencamp again stakes his claim as that rare intellectual musician whose melodies and messages are equally accessible. – CT