Billboard Magazine: My Sweet Love Single Review

My Sweet Love
June 28, 2008

Like so many formidable singer/ songwriters that reigned in past decades, John Mellencamp has been tossed off top 40, but he's adapted to a comfortable new home at country and triple A—and the latter format is lapping up folk-laden "My Sweet Love" from upcoming full-length "Life, Death, Love and Freedom" (July 15). The rumbling, percussive-driven track sounds like it was recorded in someone's garage, with an oft-repeated hook that charms with rubber-band elasticity. While Mellencamp likely hopes to also champion at country with "background" vocals from Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild, her way-too-prominent singalong actually distracts from the tune's otherwise organic charm. No matter. Mellencamp's swagger is intact and radio is bound to give "Love" a major embrace. —Chuck Taylor

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