2008 Summer Tour Ticket Updates

Fan Club Presale for Santa Barbara Begins TOMORROW - Wednesday, April 30th
Club Cherry Bomb Fan Club ticket presales for John's 2008 Summer Tour will continue this week! The Club presale for Santa Barbara, CA, our final presale for the Mellencamp Summer Tour, begins on Wednesday, April 30th at 10 AM PT and will end on Friday May 9th.

For complete details about Fan Club tickets, please visit the Club Ticket Offering and the Club TOUR page. Please remember, if you have any problems with our presale send an email to [email protected] and we will try to answer as quickly as we can!

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Second Round of Fan Club Presales Ends  - Friday, May 2nd - Great Tickets Still Available!
Club Cherry Bomb Fan Club ticket presales for Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Wantagh, Holmdel, Denver, and Los Angeles will end on Friday, May 2nd at 5 PM local venue time. The Oklahoma City presale ends on Thursday, May 1st at 5 PM local venue time.  Great tickets are still available through the Club presale, tell your friends and family to check out our presale TODAY!

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Non Members Can Try Out The Club Cherry Bomb Ticket Program
We have developed a cool new program with Ticketmaster for non-Club members. Using a special option on John's Ticketmaster.com show pages, non-Club members can select Club tickets. They can view the quality of tickets they may purchase if they join the Club. Then, if they want to buy the tickets they are previewing, they can buy a Club membership and the tickets in the same single transaction through Ticketmaster.com!

IMPORTANT NOTE - This promotion begins 24 HOURS AFTER the Fan Club Presale starts. This allows existing Club members first access to the best tickets before the Ticket + Membership promotion begins. If you want immediate access to the presale when it starts, you need to JOIN the Club through ClubCherryBomb.net BEFORE the presale starts.

To check out this feature, go to Ticketmaster.com, find the show you want to attend, then look for the ticket selection box that says "Ticket + Club Cherry Bomb Membership." Check it out; these are awesome tickets with the added bonus of becoming a Fan Club member!

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Public Tickets on Sale NOW! More Shows Going on Sale this Weekend!
Tickets for some shows on John's 2008 Summer Tour have already gone on sale to the general public! Six shows are on sale NOW with six more going on sale this coming weekend. For complete ticket details, please click HERE.

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Pre Order John's new CD Life, Death, Love and Freedom
When buying your tickets on Ticketmaster.com, be sure to notice the option to preorder John's new CD while checking out with your tickets. This is a convenient way to get your copy ordered in advance of the release! The CD will be shipped directly to you when it releases on July 15, 2008 (or within 5-6 days of placing the order (whichever is later)). Tickets will be shipped separately. This CD offer is valid for U.S. residents only.

For complete details about Fan Club tickets, please visit the Club Ticket Offering and the Club TOUR page.