"What The Fans Are Saying" Australia Show Reviews

Wow what can I say, John was awesome in concert, he is amazing, I had been waiting 4 months since I got my ticket, and I tell you what I was not disappointed one little bit. And when John started to play acoustic, OMG I thought I was listening to a CD, His talent is amazing, and the crowd involvement was great. As soon as he came out on stage at Acer Arena, the crowd went mad. I will never forget this concert, People will be talking about it for ages. Cheers, Tracie Crick

Rod Laver Arena - Melbourne, AU - November 21st
What a thrill to see John back in Australia for his first tour since 1992. This time around back in Melbourne John didn’t disappoint; opening the show with a rousing, electric version of Pink Houses which brought the crowd to it’s feet and then quickly slid into Paper and Fire, a song he used to open the Lonesome Jubilee tour show all those years back. The crowd appreciated the touch of familiarity and clearly John’s years away from Australia had not lessened their enthusiasm for what would be one hell of a show.

After a short electric set, the band left John alone on centre stage with his acoustic guitar to share an intimate group of songs by a true modern day storyteller. He could have been Dylan standing there with his guitar cinched up under a single spotlight except for the twang in his voice and absence of a harmonica. One of the highlights for me was the rendition of ‘Minutes to Memories’ a song that Mellencamp told the crowd he’d tried to write with the perspective of age at 32. When he sings that song now, with the experience of years (for both him and us) it really does hit home.

That’s probably what struck me the most with this tour – John really felt he had something to say and offer the people, and wanted to bring his best. What a privilege to hear these songs again from the man himself. The words of the new songs might be adapted for the times, but the message of self belief, holding true to what’s important certainly comes through for me, and I hope for those of you who were also able to experience this tour, John’s words will provide something for you in the year ahead. Thank you John for putting on fantastic concert here’s hoping it ‘ain’t too long before we see you back! Linton Tuck

Rod Laver Arena - Melbourne, AU - November 21st
I finally got to see my hero live and he absolutely did not disappoint! JM at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, what can I say except the guy ROCKED !!! He made me laugh (his little comments between songs), cry (Minutes to Memories and Longest Days), and scream (Rain on the Scarecrow, Love & Happiness, Jack & Diane). So, I thought it was pretty darn cool to get third row seats at Rod Laver but, to be allowed to stand right next to the stage a few feet from JM ... my god ... this was the 40th birthday present from heaven.

I'm lost for words except to say that I am totally overwhelmed tell JM and his management thank you, thank you, thank you for coming down under. Shaun Sargent

Rod Laver Arena - Melbourne, AU - November 21st
I have just seen the amazing John Mellencamp in concert at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia. Having been a fan for a very long time, and having the utter joy of seeing him live last visit to Oz, saw me jump at the tickets on the day of their release. And I was not disappointed. Again, the amazing showman put on a superior performance. After initially keeping the crowd on its toes waiting for him to grace us with his presence, he eventually swaggered out on the stage in true Mellencamp fashion to absolute screams of delight from the crowd. Playing both old hits and beautiful new songs, he and his phenomenal band, kept us all clapping and dancing all night. We love you John. Please don't keep your Australian fans waiting too long until you come back again. Love from a huge fan, Jennifer.

Rod Laver Arena - Melbourne, AU - November 21st
We were at the JM concert Friday November 21st in Melbourne, Australia, Rod Laver Arena. It was absolutely fantastic. He played his great oldies and his fabulous new songs. Oh My Sweet Love and If I Die Sudden were absolutely the best. The sound in the venue was absolutely magnificent. We thought he sounded better live than his actual CDs. Still a magnificent performer and great to see how he has evolved from his younger days. It was also lovely to see how proud he is of his son Spec. We do hope that he will get down under once again. Australia truly does adore him.

John and Leah Peell
Melbourne, Australia

November 21st, Rod Laver Arena - Melbourne, AU
I went to the John Mellencamp concert on November 21 at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne. It was INCREDIBLE!!!

I had such a good night, the whole thing was amazing, all of the songs sounded better than I could have ever imagined live, particularly the acoustic Minute To Memories, which blew my mind!!! I have never been to such a good concert, the only disappointment was that it ended too soon, I wanted to stay and listen to John for HOURS!! I grew up listening to John Mellencamp, but the last time he was in Australia I was only two, so it's been a very long wait for this concert but boy, was it worth it! John Mellencamp is my all time favourite musician and to hear all my favourite songs live was AMAZING!! I just hope he comes back to Australia soon, I'll definitely be there to see him!! Please come back!!
Kirsty B