'No Better Than This' Now Airing on AOL Radio

From the AOL Radio Blog: 'No Better Than This' is the first single from John Mellencamp's upcoming studio album of the same name. The album was recorded in a variety of historically significant locations in the south while Mellencamp was on tour last summer.

Appropriately, the song 'No Better Than This' features a prominent rockabilly beat and lively, uncomplicated production. The lyrics portray a pretty happy guy reveling in the simple pleasures of romance and music: "Give me good loving / And seal it with a kiss / Drop me off where the music sounds / It can get no better than this."

Rather than shacking up in one studio to produce every song, Mellencamp found inspiration by moving to different locations and recording in quick, uncomplicated methods. The famous Sun Studios in Memphis and the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio -- reportedly the site of Robert Johnson's first recordings -- were among the settings chosen. "It was absolutely the most fun I've ever had making a record in my life. It was about making music -- organic music made by real musicians -- that's heartfelt and written from the best place it can come from."

'No Better Than This,' the album, will be available on Aug. 17. You can listen to the single of the same name by tuning into AOL Radio's Adult Rock station.