"CODE" Continues To Enhance "LDL&F"

John Mellencamp’s “Life, Death, Love and Freedom” continues to generate media attention, not only for its music but for its innovative technology.

A feature in the Aug. 30 edition of The Los Angeles Times focused on the album’s producer T Bone Burnett’s new “Code” high-resolution audio system—of which “LDL&F” is the first finished product.

“I think pretty much anybody can hear the difference,” Mellencamp told the Times. “"It’s just so much more open. The high end is not so annoying and scratchy.”

He went on to note that Burnett’s process costs no more than any other recording method—the high production cost of attaining such sound quality having been prohibitive in the past. “It should be the standard,” he added. “If a guy is interested in his record sounding like [it] did in the studio where they made it, they should be interested in doing this.”

Turns out that at least one other guy is interested in exactly that: Elvis Costello’s next album, set for release in 2009, will also utilize Burnett’s Code technology. Click HERE to read the Los Angeles Times article.