OnMilwaukee: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Have Missed John Mellencamp's Captivating MKE Show

OnMilwaukee By Dan Garcia 

Legendary American singer-songwriter John Mellencamp took the stage at the Riverside last night, delivering his first of two rescheduled performances that left a lasting mark on all of those who attended.  

From the captivating moments that resonated with the crowd to the venue's  unique ambiance, here are six compelling reasons why missing this  extraordinary concert would be a regrettable choice.  

1. A unique start to the night 

Last night’s concert commenced with a 30-minute collection of film clips,  including classics like "Grapes of Wrath," "Fugitive Kind" and "The Misfits."  Mellencamp’s voice narrated short stories during the clips, sharing how he  was influenced by James Dean and pop culture during his formative years.  This unique opening set the stage for an emotionally resonant concert  experience, immersing the audience in Mellencamp's inspirations and creating a deeper connection between the artist and his fans. It was a unique and intimate glimpse into the artist's creative process, adding an extra layer of  depth to an already unforgettable performance. 

2. Intimate acoustic moments 

Mellencamp's ability to captivate extends beyond his high-energy rock  anthems. During the concert, he treated the audience to intimate acoustic  moments, showcasing his versatility as a musician. One standout was his  soul-stirring acoustic rendition of the classic hit "Jack & Diane." Stripped  down to its essence, this performance offered a glimpse into Mellencamp's  profound artistry.  

3. The Riverside's enchanting ambiance 

The Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, renowned for its historic charm and  impeccable acoustics, provided the perfect setting for Mellencamp's concert,  which is likely why he chose to return to the venue after the success of his  performances in 2019. With its elegant architecture and intimate atmosphere, the venue allowed fans to forge a deeper connection with the music. Each note reverberated through the theater, enveloping the audience in a spellbinding ambiance that enhanced the entire experience. Just because Summerfest has arrived, don’t sleep on how great of an atmosphere the Riverside provides for Milwaukee music fans in the summer.  

4. A second night to relive the magic 

For those who were unable to attend the initial concert or simply wanted to  relive the enchantment, Mellencamp graciously scheduled a second  performance at the Riverside Theater for Tuesday night. This opportunity  allowed fans to either catch up on what they missed or experience the concert  again, ensuring that a minimal amount of his Milwaukee fans had to miss out  on this extraordinary event.  

5. An unforgettable encore 

The concert's climax came during the encore when Mellencamp unleashed two of his most iconic hits – "Cherry Bomb" and "Hurts So Good" – to close out the memorable night. The Riverside Theater reverberated with the sheer energy of the crowd as they sang along to these timeless rock anthems. This  unforgettable encore left an indescribable feeling of elation that could only be  experienced live, and that fans surely can’t wait to experience again tonight as  Mellencamp returns for the final night of his two-night residency.