John Mellencamp Haptic UV Prints On Aluminum Available Now

We are proud to announce the release of two Haptic UV prints from Galerie F,  Germany. 

John Mellencamp's past exhibitions have included  Triangle Gallery, Red Piano Gallery, Herron Galleries, Tennessee State Museum, Butler Institute of American Art, Morris Museum of Art,  Museum of Art Deland, Thyen-Clark Cultural Center and for the past 10 years has been associated with ACA Galleries in New York, a vanguard of American art for almost a century.

Order the Dodo on the Moon print  HERE and the Paul and Joanne print HERE 

Haptic UV print on aluminum 40 color coatings wood framed 
year: 2021 
Signed and numbered by hand verson on COA 
Edition: 100 
Publisher: Galerie-F GmbH 
Condition: in mint condition 
Size: 31.5 × 27.6 inches