Other People's Stuff

Other People's Stuff Tracks

  1. To The River (originally from 1993s Human Wheels)
  2. Gambling Bar Room Blues (originally from 1997s The Songs of Jimmie Rodgers A Tribute)
  3. Teardrops Will Fall (originally from 2003s Trouble No More)
  4. In My Time of Dying (originally from 1997s Rough Harvest)
  5. Mobile Blue (originally from 2017s Sad Clowns & Hillbillies)
  6. Eyes on the Prize (originally performed at The White House in 2010)
  7. Dark As A Dungeon (originally from the 2017 National Geographic Channel documentary From the Ashes)
  8. Stones in My Passway (originally from 2003s Trouble No More)
  9. Wreck of the Old 97 (originally from 2004s The Rose and The Briar)
  10. I Dont Know Why I Love You (originally from 2003s An Interpretation of Stevie Wonders Songs)