Release Date: 1978 on Riva Records

Remastered & Rereleased w/Bonus Track: March 29th, 2005 on Mercury/Island/UMe


John Cougar- Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Brian BecVar - Keyboards
Larry Crane - Guitars
Ferd - Bass
Tom Knowles - Drums
Backing Vocals: Streethart, Johnny Cougar
Andy MacKay - Saxophones

Stension on Night Slumming
Michelle Mellencamp, Gail Williams, Larry Crane, Susi Ronson, Cil Mellencamp, Tom Knowles, Bob Davis, Ken Griggs, Ferd, Nancy Kellog, Brian BecVar, Blue Knowles, Susie Books, Jean Frostie, Chery Davis, Aly Griggs, Marilyn Hill, Steve Prestage, Susie Elston, Johnny Cougar


Produced and Engineered by: John Punter
Tracks recorded at Wessex Studios
Assistant Engineer: Dave Bellotti
Overdubs recorded at Bassing Street Studios
Assistant Engineer: Greg Cobb
Vocals recorded and mixing at Air Studios
Recorded in London, England 1977-1978
This recording is dedicated to Harry Mellencamp
Direction - Bob Davis in association with Gaff Music Inc.
Photography by David Steen
String arrangement on Taxi Dancer by Ann O'Dell
Sleeve design by Freeman, Matthews and Milne

A Biography

A Biography Tracks

  1. Born Reckless
  2. Factory
  3. Night Slumming
  4. Taxi Dancer
  5. I Need A Lover
  6. Alley Of The Angels
  7. High C Cherrie
  8. Let Them Run Your Lives
  9. Goodnight
  10. I Need A Lover (UK Version - Bonus Track)