John Mellencamp: Vocals and guitar, producer, mixer
Mike Wanchic: Guitars, dobro, background vocals, mellotron, organ, mandolin, producer, mixer
Andy York: Guitars, background vocals, chamberlain, organ, harmonica, mandolin, mellotron, percussion, mixer
Toby Jeffery Myers: Bass, background vocals, keyboards, percussion
Kenny Aronoff: Drums, percussion, loops, vibes
Moe Z. M.D.: Loops, organ, backing vocals, programmer
Raphael Saadiq: Bass, backing vocals
Miriam Sturm: Violin, arrangement of overture and old people talking about happiness
Milton Davis: Bass
Jimmy Ryser: Violin, backing vocals, and peep show
Lonnie Pitchford: Slide Guitar
Pat Peterson: Backing vocals
Jeff Pederson: Organ
Harvey Phillips: Tuba
Tim Riggins: Trombone
Dennis Riggins: Sax
Susie Ronson: Laughter


Produced by: Little Bastard (aka John Mellencamp)
Co-Produced by: Mike Wanchic, Junior Vasquez
Engineered by: David Leonard, Justin Niebank, Marc Goodman, P. Dennis Mitchell
Programmers: Gomi, Moe Z. M.D. and Joe Maskowitz
Assistant Engineer: Rick Fettig
Mixed by: David Leonard, John Mellencamp, Mike Wanchic, Junior Vasquez and Andy York
Recorded at Belmont Mall Studio, Belmont, Indiana
Mixed at: The Hit Factory, New York City, New York
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig
Mastered at: Gateway Mastering, Portland, Maine
Loops, grooves, percussion and other monkey business: Junior Vasquez
Photography: Mary Ellen Mark
Back Cover Photo: Samuel Bayer
Art Direction and Design: Corsillo/Manzone-Design Monsters
Kids on album cover: Justice and Hud Mellencamp
Boy-dog: Speck Mellencamp
Hair: Helena Occhipinti
Makeup: Craig Gatson - We'll miss you
Management: Left Bank Management
Personal Management: Harry Sandler
Booking Agency: Creative Artists Agency

"Everyone in the sessions contributed to these arrangements of these songs. Each day had a new and interesting value. Everyone worked hard and had some laughs. Old Junior was especially entertaining. Special thanks goes to Junior, Moe Z., David and young Andrew. It was nice to have Roberta and Elaine in the studio from time to time. They sure helped brighten up the room. I think this is my fourteenth album, and I've never seen the band more focused or having so much fun. I am a very fortunate man."
John Mellencamp - 1996

Mr. Happy Go Lucky

Mr. Happy Go Lucky Tracks

  1. Jerry
  2. Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First)
  3. Just Another Day
  4. This May Not Be The End Of The World
  5. Emotional Love
  6. Mr. Bellows
  7. The Full Catastrophe
  8. Circling Around The Moon
  9. Large World Turning
  10. Jackamo Road
  11. Life Is Hard