Dane Clark: Drums, Percussion
Toby Myers: Bass, Background Vocals
Mike Wanchic: Guitar, Background Vocals
Miriam Sturm: Keyboards, Violin, Background Vocals
Andy York: Guitar, Indian Instruments, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Moe Z. M.D.: Keyboards, Loops, Background Vocals
John Mellencamp: Vocals

Lisa Germano: Harmonica, Violin * 
Stan Lynch: Drums *
Pat Peterson: Background Vocals *
Jimmy Ryser: Background Vocals *
Izzy Strandlin: Guitar *
Janas Hoyt: Background Vocals 
Killa: Background Vocals 
Vess "Elvis" Ruhtenberg: Bass **
* = "Miss Missy" 
** = "It All Comes True"


Produced By: John Mellencamp
Co-Producers: Mike Wanchic and Paul Mahern
Enigineers: Paul Mahern, David Thoener
Mixed By: David Thoener, Paul Mahern, John Mellencamp
Assistant Engineer: Rick Fettig
Technical Engineer: Mike Stucker, Ross Alexander
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland, Maine
Recorded and Mixed at: Belmont Mall Studios, Belmont, Indiana
Art Direction: Christopher Austopchuck
Design: Peter Ciccotto
Photography: Antonin Kratochvil
Management: Hoffman Entertainment INC.

John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp Tracks

  1. Fruit Trader
  2. Your Life Is Now
  3. Positively Crazy
  4. I'm Not Running Anymore
  5. It All Comes True
  6. Eden Is Burning
  7. Where The World Began
  8. Miss Missy
  9. Chance Meeting At The Tarantula
  10. Break Me Off Some
  11. Summer Of Love
  12. Days Of Farewell