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John Mellencamp/johnmellencamp.com Official Mailing List

The official John Mellencamp mailing list sends out occasional emails about John to keep you updated with what he is up to (new tour dates, TV appearances, single releases, album releases etc.). The emails usually are monthly but if there is breaking news we send them more often.

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Human Wheels Fan Discussion Mailing List/Message Board

Human Wheels is a 2500+ member moderated discussion forum where fans can discuss all things Mellencamp. Members can choose to have the messages sent to them via email or they can read them on the YahooGroups website like a traditional message board. The mailing list is a great way to meet other Mellencamp fans, share stories, find out the up to the minute info about Mellencamp. In the files section of the mailinglist is the definitive Frequently Asked Questions list for fans to check out. For more information about the mailing list please visit:


Contacting John and JohnMellencamp.com

Many people email asking us to forward messages to John, or requests for charity auction donations, autographs etc. John Mellencamp does not see the emails sent to this website. However your messages about the site and John's career are read and at times replied to (by mellencamp.com staff) or forwarded on to his management and record label.

It is possible to contact John Mellencamp via postal mail. Listed below is a PO BOX that is delivered to John's office. Please read the notes below:

John and his staff's primary job is making, promoting and dealing with the business surrounding John's music. Please be patient if sending an autograph or charity request, we regret that the wait can be months when John is very busy.

John does not accept any outside songs/CD's/material. Anything sent of this nature will not be returned and will be promptly thrown away by John's staff. Please do not send these types of items. 

There are several things that you can do to help speed up this process:

Send a pre paid (w/priority mail return postage stamp included), self addressed return envelope/mailer along with your item. If you do not include enough return postage your item will not be returned.
Sending flat and small items (pictures/cd covers) is recommended. The mail is not picked up every day and large items that do not fit in the box are returned by the post office after a few days.
Autograph/memorabilia dealers will not have their items returned.
Please do not send any item that is a one of a kind.

If you are making a charity request please write that on the outside of your letter.

All letters for John or his band should be mailed to the following address. If you are sending a letter for someone other than John please insert a Attn: persons name line before the PO Box:

John Mellencamp
P.O. Box 6777
Bloomington, IN 47407-6777

Additional Contact Info:
Management: Randy Hoffman, Hoffman Entertainment, NYC, NY
Concert Booking/Agent/Representation: CAA, Los Angeles, CA
Website Management: Tony Buechler & Sharon Carone for Buechler Media, Celestine, IN

John's threads by:
Ray Brown - www.raybrownfashion.com

Site Email Contact:

E-mail us with your comments, questions, ideas, stories, and information. We also appreciate any corrections/notifications of errors.

help (at) mellencamp (dot) com (please remove spaces and format as a proper email address).





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