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08/24/2010 - Mellencamp's journey from teen idol to a roots archivist of the Springsteen/Dylan stripe is one of the most fascinating in the last 35 years of American rock. This collection of T Bone Burnett-produced, rough rider acoustic rock and snake blues, is proof positive that maturity gracefully IS possible. Gritty, impassioned and illuminating. Read More
08/23/2010 - NPR, for a limited time, is streaming the entire No Better Than This album on their website - LISTEN NOW. Additionally, NPR's Fresh Air re-aired John's excellent 2007 40 minute interview with host Terry Gross - LISTEN NOW. Highlights of that interview are featured after the jump. Read More
08/22/2010 - Read Jim Beals' full Mellencamp feature and interview on the making of No Better Than This . Here are some excerpts: "I wasn't in the songwriting mood, but sometimes songs are like monkeys on your back," he said. "Finally I wrote the first song, Save Some Time to Dream. It was simple and to the point and had a beautiful melody. After that, I had to get busy..."

"With these songs, I just let them write themselves. I let the songs present themselves and present themselves in an honest, sincere fashion. So I wanted to record them in an honest fashion, and quickly..." Read More
08/21/2010 - Read Rob Williams' full No Better Than This review. Here are some excerpts: "the process was perfectly suited to the material, a collection of old-timey roots, bluegrass, rockabilly and folk that sounds distinctly like Mellencamp, yet nothing at all like the hit-making blue-collar rocker has ever released before..."

"Mellencamp appears to be following his muse wherever it takes him, and the result is an album that will go down in his personal history as a turning point in his recording career..." Read More
08/20/2010 - Not only was John the musical guest recently on 5 nights of Tavis Smiley's PBS television show, he joined Tavis for an interview for his syndicated radio show "The Tavis Smiley Show."

You can listen to John's complete interview HERE along with a bonus question only for the web. Please note some Firefox browser users may not see the audio player load, in that case we suggest using Internet Explorer to listen. Read More
08/19/2010 - John's just completed a week of performances on PBS' "Tavis Smiley." The five episodes included an interview and six song performances: "Save Some Time To Dream," "Don't Forget About Me," "The West End," "No Better Than This," "Thinking About You," and "Pink Houses."

After the jump we have an exclusive photo from the taping, video of the songs performed, and the complete audio & video from the entire week's performance! Read More
08/19/2010 - Read Phil Gallo of's complete recap of John's performance at the Grammy Museum. Here are some excerpts: "The purpose was to go into places and take it back to where it began. What we were able to do was capture the moment. That's a problem with music today -- there is no moment. Everybody was in the moment.... Sometimes we got it in the first take, sometimes the third or fourth or not at all. It was fun to be a musician..." Read More
08/18/2010 - Read Rick Moore's of American Songwriter full review of No Better Than This. Here are some excerpts: "he wasn’t going away no matter how sick you were of “Jack and Diane,” and that he was the real deal: A midwestern farm town boy who was just as passionate about rock ‘n’ roll and acoustic music as he was about the rural way of life, and didn’t care who agreed with him..."

"it doesn’t get much more real than this..."

"Very little of this album pays attention to convention, which makes it that much more of a delight to listen to and support. At the end of the day, No Better Than This, like most everything else John Mellencamp has done, is about the human spirit. It’s about people, and Mellencamp continues to write and sing about them better and better with each passing year..." Read More
08/18/2010 - Read Rod Lockwood of full review. Here are some excerpts: No Better Than This is something for which Mellencamp was long overdue: a defining album that resets his creative clock and reminds everyone how great a songwriter and musician that he really is. Because this..."

"is truly brilliant and it’s as good as anything he’s ever released, which is saying a lot..."

"What makes No Better Than This so great is its consistency and artistic commitment..." Read More
08/18/2010 - Page 34 of the September 2nd issue of Rolling Stone Magazine includes a full page question and answer session between writer Austin Scaggs and John. It was conducted a few weeks ago while John was in Kansas City for a boxing tourney with his son Hud. The article includes a large picture of John. Check it out in the new issue of Rolling Stone! Read More
08/18/2010 - Read Robert Kinsler's full report on the Grammy Museum show. Here are some excerpts: "No Better Than This marks another high mark in Mellencamp’s continuing journey to document his own life and that of the world around him — particularly those hit hardest by economic hardship, isolation and racial discrimination..."

“The problem with music today is there is no moment to capture anymore,” Mellencamp said of the retro approach of his new album, noting this was a project on the opposite side of the “fix it in the mix” mentality. “Everybody was in the moment … it was a real joy to create the music...” Read More
08/17/2010 - Read Todd Martens of the Los Angeles Times Music Blog full review of No Better Than This . Here are some excerpts: "The John Mellencamp of “No Better Than This” is not the John Mellencamp that most would expect..."

"the sound of long-lost first takes from another era..." Read More
08/17/2010 - Read Edna Gundersen of USA Today's feature about No Better Than This. Here are some excerpts: "musical storytelling for hard times: far-fetched, violent, sexy, played for laughs. It doesn't get more timeless, or American, than that."

"wise, charming album is ... a highly personal testimonial.." Read More
08/17/2010 - Read Dan Aquilante's full review of No Better Than This. Here are some excerpts: "record’s aged quality lies in Mellencamp’s grit ’n’ gravel vocals and his lyrics, which seem to have built-in workingman folk wisdom.."

"these old-fashioned songs and the retro recording treatment — not to mention all the ghosts — give this disc a vibe of Americana authenticity..." Read More
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