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11/18/2010 - John was interviewed at his home and on the road in Bend, OR during this past summer at one of his stops on the Dylan Tour by Q Magazine's Paul Rees. After the jump we have the full print article and the photos taken by Robert Gallagher during this session. Read More
11/17/2010 - Read Ross Finney's South Bend show review. Here are some excerpts: "the native Hoosier had the packed audience in the palm of his hand Saturday at his excellent performance at the Morris Performing Arts Center..."

"If a dangerous old man can continue to put on shows like his, there might be nothing better..."
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11/14/2010 - Martin Bandyke's of the Free Press spoke to John about his new album, his philosophy about playing gigs and his upcoming multimedia collaboration with Stephen King. Here is an excerpt: ""No Better Than This," is a beautifully realized collection of deeply felt songs..."

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11/13/2010 - Read Rob Nichols' review of the Hinkle Fieldhouse show. Here are some excerts: "good sound, a refreshingly patient and attentive crowd, and a tight, rehearsed and raw band that seemed to be enjoying their own performance..."

"A wiser, less caustic Mellencamp has emerged on his recent records. He understands mortality is part of life, and works to share with his audience those lessons - and that finding a realistic but fufilling emotional life is a constant, struggling quest..."
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11/10/2010 - web team is submitting photos documenting the No Better Than This Tour. Our latest image is from Friday night's tour kickoff at the IU Auditorium in John's hometown of Bloomington, IN

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11/08/2010 - Long time Indianapolis Star music writer David Lindquist, who has covered John's career since the 1990's, is writing a series of blogs to build up to John's two performances in Indianapolis this week. The first several installments are already posted. Click HERE to read the blogs. Read More
11/07/2010 - Read Katie Moulton's full show review. Here are some excerpts: "The roots-rock veteran did look like he was having fun last night at the Fox Theatre, punching all his marks while remaining heartfelt..."

"the honesty of Mellencamp's mission comes through in footage of the recording sessions. To see the small band of session players huddled around a single 1940s-era microphone, to think that Better is the first mono-only release to make the top 10 since 1964, and to listen as steady, unobtrusive T-Bone Burnett cajoles profanity-firing Mellencamp into a take - well, that's pretty cool..." Read More
11/06/2010 - John was recently interviewed by John Carucci for the Associated Press. The interview is available in two forms - print and video. After the jump we have the full print article and a larger version of the video version embedded below. John discusses different topics in both.

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11/06/2010 - Read Joel Francis' Kansas City show review. Here are some excerpts: "Mellencamp used his vast songbook to explore the nooks and crannies of American music..."

"The smallest moments were the biggest.."

"it’s clear from the first half of the night that his songwriting chops are as strong as ever..." Read More
11/06/2010 - Read Mike Leonard's IU Auditorum tour kick off show review. Here are some excerpts: "The “No Better Than This Tour” that kicked off with two shows at the auditorium last weekend is the most creative and self-assured Mellencamp performance package yet. While the title is misleading — it’s a song title and not braggadocio — many veteran Mellencamp fans at the late October performances said it was the best show they’ve seen from an artist known for dynamic live performances..."

"Once Mellencamp and his talented band took the stage, the evening was his. It was a performance symphony in three parts: a rootsy, blues-influenced opening with full band; a middle section with Mellencamp either playing solo or accompanied primarily by a band member or two; and a rock and roll finale with Mellencamp doing what he does so well in rearranging songs so that even the “must play” hits sound both familiar and new..."

"And by the end, you could feel that the audience and the artist were completely satisfied with Read More
11/05/2010 - Read Evan Schlansky's review of the Nashville, TN show at the Ryman Theater. Here are some excerpts: "His voice, grainy and loaded with gravitas, remains as compelling and as affective as it was the day he recorded “Pink Houses” in 1983. It’s a voice that’s as distinctive as any of his arguably more famous peers, from Dylan to Springsteen to Petty, and like those artists, it’s attached to a man who has kept integrity high on his priority list..."

"Johnny Cash once referred to him as one of the ten best songwriters, and Mellencamp’s newer material didn’t disappoint in a live setting..." Read More
11/05/2010 - John was interviewed by WTHR 13 Indianapolis' Scott Swan during his rehearsals for the kick off of his No Better Than This Tour at the Indiana University Auditorium. Below is their One on One interview. After the jump we have the full text of the interview and an additional expanded interview clip!

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11/05/2010 - A fan has posted a video of John's performance from Music Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio during his No Better Than This tour.

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11/04/2010 - Read Dave Paulson's show review. Here are some excerpts: "John Mellencamp showed old-school Americana to be a remarkably comfortable fit..."

"The anthemic “Save Some Time to Dream” instantly brightened the crowd.."

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10/31/2010 - A fan has posted a video of  John's performance from the tour opening night at the IU Auditorium in Bloomington, Indiana on October 29, 2010. No Better Than This the title track from John's newly released album and tour.

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