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06/11/2010 - has posted an extensive review of John's box set written by Anthony Kuzminski.

Here are some excerpts:

John Mellencamp has been among the best singer-songwriters the American landscape has ever produced. He appears to have found his muse and instead of chasing the tails of radio programmers, he has looked within and in 2008 created what may be possibly his greatest record, Life, Death, Love & Freedom...

Godfather to the alternative country movement and in truth, country radio today wouldn't be the same without records like The Lonesome Jubilee or Scarecrow. For every radio hit he had, there were two other songs just as remarkable on the respective records...

On the Rural Route 7609 helps pull Mellencamp's entire career into focus through interweaving themes and stories prevalent throughout Mellencamp's career...

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12/11/2009 - 4 Stars - By Anthony Kuzminski

Once a musician attains a certain level of success the intricacy in finding the muse isn't as effortless as it may seem. You begin to query everything you do, spend more time writing and recording the lead single than you do the other ten songs for the record. And if the end result does not ascertain a certain level of success, a crisis of faith evolves. Some artists eventually realize that trying to keep up with a rat race is a losing game and just turn inward. It's often only when this happens that they are truly free…when they stop worrying about pleasing share holders and suits at the big four record labels. The latter part of the 1990's and the first part of the 2000's were a trying time for John Mellencamp. He had a consistent string of solid records that never got the push they deserved by the labels, but they don't hold the blame alone. During this time, Mellencamp's shows became shorter and shorter with each tour and if one was l Read More




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