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10/14/2012 - Sunday's Washington Post included a preview article about the Woody Guthrie Celebration. They spoke to several artists about Woody's influence on them. Here is part of the article, the complete article is available through the READ MORE link.

On Sunday night at the Kennedy Center, a group of legendary folk and rock artists will convene to pay tribute to the man who laid the foundation for them: Woody Guthrie. Here John remembers Woody:

"My parents back in the í50s had a couple Woody Guthrie records. They were young parents, so they were kids having kids.

You know, the music was always important, but what I really enjoyed about Guthrie as well as the music was the way he conducted his life. He wasnít afraid to stand up to people, he wasnít afraid to be unpopular, he wasnít afraid to speak his mind, he wasnít afraid to go against the grain.

To put it mildly, Woody suffered the full catastrophe of life. He was I guess what the common person would call a free spirit. But I would call it inspiration. The more I learned about him, the more I thought: These are the footsteps that I want to travel under. I donít want to be part of anything. Iím with me. . . .

I just think that itís funny ó and I think itís very American ó that we would be honoring Guthrie here, particularly since in his lifetime he operated so far outside of the law and society. But time has rewritten his legacy, and thank God it did. Read the entire article along with contributions from other artists after the jump. Read More




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