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06/17/2015 - After 39 years, John Mellencamp's lead guitarist Mike Wanchic wouldn't change a thing. After nearly four decades as John Mellencamp's lead guitarist, Mike Wanchic says he wouldn't go back and do a single thing differently. Read More
06/28/2012 - Read Victoria Handysides discussion with Mike Wanchic. Here is an excerpt: "I recognized a quality in him right off the bat. A tenacity, an attitude. All the things really needed to do the things he said he was going to do. Some people just have it, y'know?" Read More
11/08/2011 - Read Bill DeYoung's full interview after the jump. Here are some excerpts: " "The whole concept behind this show is music, as opposed to hit parade. So many years in arenas, doing big arena rock shows and all that, that really kind of relegates you to a certain realm of your catalogue. The object of this exercise was to move past that, and into what we consider the great songs..."

""The crowd kind of knows what to expect. It's liberating in a lot of senses..." I think at this point in John's career, it's about music, and it's strictly about music..." Read More
10/26/2011 - The fall leg of John Mellencampís No Better Than This Tour kicked off last night (10/25) in Boston.  Like any good group, John and his bandmates rehearsed before hitting the road, and surprisingly, like many younger bands, they did it in a garage.  Mellencampís guitarist, Mike Wanchic, explained it to us. 

ďWe have a recording studio in a little town called Nashville, Indiana, which is right outside Wilmington, had it since í76.  It was a converted house.  It had a garage built into a hill out of blocks.  That is our rehearsal space.  We actually rehearse in a garage, just like I did in the eighth grade.  Itís a nicer garage, but itís a garage.Ē
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