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08/17/2010 - Read Jim Beal's full review of No Better Than This . Here are some excerpts: "The result is a powerful collection of heartfelt, no punches pulled songs recorded on vintage gear by Mellencamp, a small cast of first-class acoustic players and producer T Bone Burnett..."

"Mellencamp means what he writes and sings and writes and sings what he means..."

"smart, soulful and moving music..." Read More
08/17/2010 - Ready David Burger's review of No Better Than This

On his 25th album “No Better Than This,” John Mellencamp proves that he’s getting better and better, stripping away the cliches that marred his earlier lyrics.

This haunting Americana album — filled with rockabilly, blues and gospel — was recorded on a 55-year-old tape recorder.

Mellencamp’s band recorded original songs about hope, family and faith at culturally significant places such as room 414 of San Antonio’s Gunter Hotel, where Robert Johnson recorded “Stones in My Passway” in 1936. Read More
08/17/2010 - Read Jonathan Takiff's of the Philadelphia Daily News full review of No Better Than This. Here are some excerpts: "so stark, so primitive you might think it's recovered treasure from the 1950s..."

"the set is especially ripe with got-to-smile-to-keep-from-crying tunes tossed off with a casual demeanor and sonic quality to match..." Read More
08/17/2010 - Read Edna Gundersen of USA Today's feature about No Better Than This. Here are some excerpts: "musical storytelling for hard times: far-fetched, violent, sexy, played for laughs. It doesn't get more timeless, or American, than that."

"wise, charming album is ... a highly personal testimonial.." Read More
08/17/2010 - After a year of waiting since first announcing the project, John's 26th release, No Better Than This, is in stores TODAY Tuesday, August 17th! Click HERE to learn all about the album.

The album is now available for purchase at most major retailers. Here are several links to buy online: Store (both CD and CD + Tee-Shirt Bundles Available)
iTunes Download CD MP3 Download Read More
08/17/2010 - Read Dan Aquilante's full review of No Better Than This. Here are some excerpts: "record’s aged quality lies in Mellencamp’s grit ’n’ gravel vocals and his lyrics, which seem to have built-in workingman folk wisdom.."

"these old-fashioned songs and the retro recording treatment — not to mention all the ghosts — give this disc a vibe of Americana authenticity..." Read More
08/16/2010 - Read Jon Pareles' of the New York Times full review of No Better Than This. Here are some excerpts: "The pilgrimages didn’t humble Mr. Mellencamp. They spurred him to compete with history. In Memphis, he went for bass-slapping, reverb-guitar rockabilly. In San Antonio, he sang (as Johnson did) about being pursued by the Devil, with ragtimey guitar plunking and bluesy violin..."

"Yet behind the period arrangements and the antique haze of the production, they’re still Mellencamp songs..." Read More
08/16/2010 - Read David Lindquist' of the Indianapolis Star review of No Better Than This. Here is an excerpt: "deftly addresses good times, bad times and the intervening range of hope and despair..." Read More
08/16/2010 - You won't find any pickup-truck anthems here. Mellencamp's 21st disc is a nostalgically rustic set of folk, country and rockabilly gems, recorded on a mono tape deck as musicians gathered around one mic in historic locales like Sun Studios. It doesn't get much simpler than this -- and thanks to the earthy songcraft and T Bone Burnett's unproduction, it doesn't get much better.

Download: Right Behind Me, No Better Than This Read More
08/16/2010 - Read Thom Jurek's of review of No Better Than This Here are some excerpts: It's warmth and presence are immediate and engulfing..."

"He possesses an independent streak in abundance here; he is making music only for himself now, and, as a result, is in a league of his own. No Better Than This proves that good songs need very little to communicate instructive narratives and complex emotions, and that primitive recording methods are still sometimes the best ones..." Read More
08/16/2010 - Read Sara Rodman's review of No Better Than This. Here are some excerpts: "But backstory is meaningless unless there are songs to back it up, and, like Mellencamp’s other recent releases, “Better’’ more than walks the walk..."

"Mellencamp’s voice is as remarkably gritty as his observations are crystal clear..." Read More
08/16/2010 - Read David Yonke's full review of No Better Than This. Here are some excerpts: "the disc that will be released Tuesday has that simple, earthy, earnest feel of a bygone era..."

" is more about honesty in artistry than wistful nostalgia, with Mellencamp thumbing his nose at the digitized, multitracked, processed sounds that fill the 21st century airwaves..."

What flowed from Mellencamp's muse are gritty, spartan, touching tunes about life, love, and loss as told by a grizzled troubadour who's seen it all. Read More
08/16/2010 - Long time John Mellencamp tour manager Harry Sandler is submitting some visual "iPhone Postcards From The Road" documenting John's summer Bob Dylan tour. Our first image is from Casper WY:

Postcard From The Road #1
Read More

08/16/2010 - Read Mike Leonard's of the Bloomington Herald Times full review of No Better Than This. Here are some excerpts: "John Mellencamp has said on many occasions that his aim is to be a simple troubadour, singing songs both timely and timeless to audiences wherever he can find them..."

"He’s never realized that ambition more than with “No Better Than This,” his 25th album..."

“No Better Than This” is in some ways a ground-breaking record. There doesn’t seem to be much precedent for this kind of Carter Family-meets-country-blues from a Southern Indiana starting point. And in other ways, the album feels as comfortable as an old quilt made up of swatches of grandma’s old gingham dresses and brightly colored blouses. It stirs up memories and emotions of working class lives lived and not idealized. .." Read More
08/16/2010 - Read Brad Wheeler of the Toronto Globe's full review. Here is an excerpt: "You should listen..." Read More
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