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03/26/2015 - Read Kevin Oliver's complete review of the Columbia, SC show at The Township Auditorium, March 24th after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "John Mellencamp proved he's still not willing to play it safe..."

Mellencamp has been writing darkly cynical, finger-pointing anthems for decades, and their ability to hold up through a changing backdrop of current events says more about America, perhaps, than it does about Mellencamp. The other thing Mellencamp has been good at for a very long time is working roots and acoustic tones into his heartland rock 'n' roll..." Read More
03/20/2015 - Read Jay Cridlin of the Tampa Bay Times complete review of the Ruth Eckerd Hall show in Clearwater, FL on the 2015 Plain Spoken Tour. Here is an excerpt: "Mellencamp goes his own way, always has, even when those paths weren’t the most obvious or popular. In trading down for smaller stages, he’s managed to remain exactly who he wants to be, even if it means leaving a few huge hits in the chamber. Read More
03/18/2015 - With a career spanning four decades, John Mellencamp is to the Midwest what Bruce Springsteen is to New Jersey: A record keeper for its places and people, their private struggles and quiet triumphs. A one-time leaseholder on the mainstream music charts, Mellencamp (who long ago dropped the Cougar) never seemed to care much for the trappings of pop-star fame. With calling-card tunes like “Small Town” and “Pink Houses,” his focus was and continues to be on the writing, going light on metaphor and heavy on specifics, revealing a songwriter who views the American Dream with a clear eye and little patience for ambiguity. Read More
03/14/2015 - John Mellencamp ended his robust show at the Fox Theatre with a snippet of nostalgia and a humorous take on looking back – “The only problem with old times is that we gotta be old to have ‘em.”

But for the previous two hours, Mellencamp demonstrated that even an artist with one of the most durable catalogs in classic rock can produce relevant material nearly four decades into a career. Read Melissa Ruggieri's complete review of The Fox Theatre show in Atlanta, GA after the jump. Read More
03/12/2015 - John Mellencamp took to the stage at 8:30 and performed a full 21-song set comprised of old fan favorites and new material. He began with “Lawless Times” off of his newest album and by the time he reached “Check It Out,” the entire hall was on their feet singing and dancing. Read Suzanne Cordeiro of Austin's complete review after the jump. Read More
03/10/2015 - Rock singer John Mellencamp will perform in Birmingham on Thursday night at the BJCC Concert Hall, but that concert wouldn't be possible if a neurosurgeon who now lives in Alabama hadn't saved his life as an infant.

Dr. Robert Heimburger, now 97 and living in the Somerby at St. Vincent's One Nineteen retirement home in Hoover, performed the dangerous surgery on Mellencamp, who was born Oct. 7, 1951.

Heimburger pioneered surgeries on newborn infants with spina bifida. At the time, it was common to wait six months or longer to see if the child lived before attempting surgery, he said. "I had established a different way of doing surgery," Heimburger said in an interview with on Monday. Read the complete article along with a video interview with Dr. Heimburger after the jump. Read More
03/09/2015 - Read Preston Jones complete review at the McFarlin Auditorium show on Saturday, March 7th after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "crowd roared its approval — they were shouting back the lyrics with the gusto of a bloodthirsty mob — and in doing so, validated his decades of furious, Midwestern rock and roll..."

"Mellencamp’s sandpaper snarl — one of rock’s most strangled and beloved voices — wrapped itself around, as he put it, “songs you know, songs you don’t know, songs you can sing along with...” Read More
03/09/2015 - John Mellencamp lied. Four years ago, he toured in support of an album called No Better Than This. Truth is, each tour that Mellencamp does is better than the last. Saturday’s performance at McFarlin Auditorium on the SMU campus in Dallas was full of fire, grit and passion. Mellencamp’s introspective songs and his band’s fiery performances had fans clinging to every note and shouting along to just about every lyric. Read the complete blog review after the jump. Read More
03/08/2015 - The lights went out, the anticipation came to its peak, and a voice matter-of-factly declared: "Ladies and gentlemen, from Bloomington, Indiana, John Mellencamp."

And with that, the classic rock mainstay who has always done things his way took to the stage to kick off the second leg of his 80-show tour Thursday night before a sold-out crowd of 1,750 at downtown San Antonio's Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. Read the complete review after the jump. Read More
03/06/2015 - Read San Antonio's Express News writer and music columnist Hector Saldana's complete review of the first show on the second leg of the tour after the jump. Here are some excerpts: "It's a risk to open with newer, unfamiliar songs – especially for a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician with so many hits – but it works because the songs and the band are so good..."

"Plainspoken from start to finish – not a bad way to rock 'n' roll..." Read More
02/23/2015 - When you hear the unfiltered roughness in John Mellencamp's voice during “The Isolation,” you're quickly aware that this popular roots rock singer from Indiana wasn't kidding when he titled his new album, Plain Spoken. With its added wheezy harmonica solo, Mellencamp gives this song a truly Dylan-esque sincerity. It comes off a lot like recent Dylan music, where the man has become quite the self-reflective one. Read Dan MacIntosh's complete review of Plain Spoken after the jump. Read More
02/18/2015 - Read Andy Argyrakis' complete review of the February 17th show at the Chicago Theatre after the jump. Here are some excerpts: " “If I Die Sudden” that found Mellencamp flexing those creative muscles the furthest as he firmly plucked the six string, dipped deep into a low southern register and practically summoned the ghost of that very Man In Black..."

" the troubadour’s fondness for taking risks, the closing segment was the reward for everyone who supported his 40 million album-selling commercial prime..."

"Mellencamp has always shot straight from the heart..." Read More
02/17/2015 - Kevin Grogan, director and curator of the museum, said that although a German Expressionist influence is evident in Mellencamp’s work, the artwork can’t be categorized as one specific style. He also said the “American Dreams” exhibition in Augusta is the last scheduled museum showing of the artwork.

“The thing about Mellencamp’s work that is so great for education is that his paintings all have stories in them, and they are layered stories and the characters are all prominent in his paintings,” Coffman said. “I think his work really lends itself to that storytelling process. Most of the people really liked it. The people that might have not liked it might have said: ‘Well, I don’t think I want that hanging in my house.’ But I think for us the thing that was so cool about Mellencamp was the people really engaged in the art work, and that is important, at least from an educator’s point of view.” Read More
02/16/2015 - Read Timothy Finn's Back To Rockville Music Blog after the jump. Here are some excertps: "Give it up for John Mellencamp. Forty-plus years into a career in music, he can still deliver a live show filled with energy and enthusiasm..."

" A solid collection of introspective roots/Americana songs that prove a guy approaching his mid-60s can still put out some of the best music of his career..." Read More
02/16/2015 - Mellencamp kicked off the show with “Lawless Times" off his 2014 album “Plain Spoken,” followed up by another new song, “Troubled Man.” From there it was a 30 year hop back to 1985 for “Minutes to Memories.” On the latter song, Mellencamp seemed to be channeling Tom Waits, singing with a raspy voice that perfectly matched the song’s beaten down lyrics. Read Joe Lawler's of Juice Magazine's complete Civic Center review after the jump. Read More
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