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"Easy Target" Press Coverage
01.23.2017 -

John's new single "Easy Target" has received immediate and widespread media attention. Here are some highlights: John Mellencamp Addresses Black Lives Matter Movement in New ‘Easy Target’ Video Ahead of Trump Inauguration - Over a grim string arrangement, Mellencamp solemnly sings: “So Black Lives Matter, who we tryin’ to kid / Here’s an easy target / Don’t matter, never did / Crosses burnin’, such a long time ago / 400 years, and we still don’t let it go / Well, let the poor be damned and the easy targets, too / All are created equally, beneath you and me.”

Rolling Stone: - "Easy Target" features late-night, smoky-bar piano and an ornate string section, and Mellencamp delivers his grim lines in a dry croak. During a recent interview he suggested the song came to him in one jolt of inspiration. "I didn’t even want to write the song," he said. "All of a sudden, I just started singing 'easy target' ... as fast as I could write is how long it took me to write the song." Mellencamp takes a passionate and plainspoken approach to deliver wary, cautious remarks on America’s present and future. The rock icon hones in on social injustice in the track’s powerful lyrics: “So black lives matter/ Who we trying to kid? Here’s an easy target/ Don’t matter, never did/ Crosses burning such a long time ago 400 years and we still don’t let it go.”  The wistful melody captures “our country’s broken heart” and laments the future of our politics and social progress.

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