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05/08/2018 - A songwriter, storyteller, musician, actor, artist, and social activist, Mellencamp has recently brought together the many facets of his personality to create the beautifully-authored Plain Spoken: From the Chicago Theatre. Taking place at the historic venue just hours from his native Indiana, this is one concert experience for fans to truly cherish. The package includes two versions of the same concert: one the standard addition, while the other contains voice-over commentary from the man himself. Additionally, for those inclined to enjoy Mellencamp in auditory format alone, a CD contains the audio of the concert performance without any visual accompaniments. Read the complete review after the jump. Read More
03/08/2015 - The lights went out, the anticipation came to its peak, and a voice matter-of-factly declared: "Ladies and gentlemen, from Bloomington, Indiana, John Mellencamp."

And with that, the classic rock mainstay who has always done things his way took to the stage to kick off the second leg of his 80-show tour Thursday night before a sold-out crowd of 1,750 at downtown San Antonio's Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. Read the complete review after the jump. Read More
10/07/2014 - Read Jay Robert's compelling 5 out of 5 star review after the jump. Here are some excerpts:"There’s not a lot of extraneous noise in the songs. The “formula” seems to be steeped in the “Keep It Simple” standard. This allows for the music and lyrics to be the focus, instead of being the afterthought of the bells and whistles..."

"I’ve held the Mellencamp albums The Lonesome Jubilee and Human Wheels as the prime examples of the artist at his best. But Plain Spoken should be added to that list. It is an example of what music can do when in the hands of someone at the height of their craft. It is startling brilliant collection of songs that can connect with listeners on a deeply emotional level..."

"Plainly stated, Plain Spoken is magnificent..."

"Mellencamp has written and recorded a sublimely brilliant album..." Read More
09/09/2014 - Folk-rock and philosophy are the making's of John Mellencamp's new album, Plain Spoken. The music looks back towards Bob Dylan's "Blood On The Tracks, with strummed guitars, and brushes on the drums and neck-rack harmonica, and the words ponder trouble, power, love, God, freedom, and mortality - the concerns of a songwriter acting his age. Read More
09/05/2014 - Rugged, rural and packed with an aging rocker's gimmick-free reflections on life and hope Plain Spoken is the first album in Mellencamp's "lifetime contract" with Republic. The stark, soul- baring lead single, "Troubled Man" like the rest of the album, follows the acoustic path of Mellencamp's last two project's 2010's No Better Than This and 2008's Life, Death Love and Freedom. Read More




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